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Pankrác Prime

Did you notice that words of vital significance are short? Life, Love, Time, Sex … all of them can do without unnecessary complications. Their simplicity is charming. And so is also our building – effective, elegant, smart, easy, clean, fresh, and bright. In one word – PRIME.

Every detail is designed to be eliminate barriers and give maximum freedom. We simply abandoned all aspects that could cause inconvenience when planning a creative interior. Pillars are included in the façade or in future corridors so that the workplace can be perceived as white paper where you can easily draw your new office playground.

Does an office building need to look like an office building? No and architect Bára Škorpilová from the Mimolimit studio provides us with the right evidence for that in her Pankrác Prime design. The gradient façade with rounded edges of the entire building brings plenty of sunshine to the adjacent house. Only a grid of vertical lines reveals that Pankrác Prime is an office building. There are unusual materials used in the interior such as copper, travertine marble and wood with various varnished finishings. You can also find surprising
contrasts such as the one in the lobby where one of the walls is carpeted. The park surrounding Pankrác Prime will serve for the relaxation of the building´s tenants as well as its neighbours from the residential houses nearby.